lunedì 23 marzo 2009

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo, Yokohama, Japan, 2008

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo, Paris 2006

MP3 audio files

Keith Jarrett First Piano Solo Paris, Apollo theatre, May, 24, 1970

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo, Paris, Apollo, May, 24, 1970

Probable first piano solo concert of Jarrett.

Arnulf Mueller wrote his suggestions about this concert:

This is in deed a very unusual concert - you can watch him creating his unique solo form. There are very less interruptions, he wanted to play through - even when he changes the instruments. And musically: you can here a lot of great ideas, experimental parts as well as romantic lines. A lot of people are thinking, Jarrett starts with his solo shows in 1972. So I have posted the link and your question to the Jarrett yahoo-group. One member wrote back some minutes ago: .

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

giovedì 12 marzo 2009

Keth Jarrett Piano Solo Live Town Hall 1992

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo Live Town Hall, April, 4, 1992

This is a beautifull concert in "The Melody at Night with You" style, but 7 years before the ECM pubblication!

domenica 1 marzo 2009

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo, Roma 2004

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo, Roma, Parco della Musica, 2004

giovedì 19 febbraio 2009

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo - Vermont August, 26, 1977

Recorded live in Shelburne, Vermont, August 26, 1977
Keith Jarrett, piano

1. Part I
2. Monologue by K. Jarrett with background music of My Song
3. Part II



lunedì 16 febbraio 2009

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo NYC Avery Fisher Hall 1988

The Keith Jarrett Piano Solo
NYC Avery Fisher Hall 1988

This concert have a bad quality audio, but it is a very strange and unique tension concert.
Kaith played the first part with a rithmic chord invention very suggestive. Here you can heard also a good influence from Bach opera.

Write Arnulf Muller:
"thats in deed a sensational concert - and specific between 6 min and
27 min: it starts near to a Bach Choral (!), then coming into a dark
interval style with an apocalyptic climax! wow! You said it right: a kind of
mystic experience. In deed, quality is not really perfect, - I hope I will
hear it some day in my life in an ECM quality. This three concerts (Paris -
Madrid - NY from 88) belongs together and that is piano history in the 20
Century - no one did this before and later and probably won´t do similiar in
the next 100 years - and this is not overdone!"

Keith Jarrett Piano Solo Roma 1993

The Keith Jarrett Piano solo Roma 1993